Transform Your Beauty with Micropigmentation in Spain

Permanent Make Up Services at the Instituto Nacional de Micropigmentación (National Institute of Micropigmentation)

Discover the pinnacle of micropigmentation in Spain at the National Institute of Micropigmentation. From eyebrows and eyes to hair solutions and repair, we cater to all your aesthetic needs.

Discover Excellence in Micropigmentation at Instituto Nacional de Micropigmentación the National Institute of Micropigmentation,
Your Top Choice in Spain

The Instituto Nacional de Micropigmentación (National Institute of Micropigmentation) in Spain offers comprehensive services, from eyebrow and eye enhancements to hair and reparative solutions. Our team of experts employs innovative techniques to deliver exceptional results, establishing us as the premier micropigmentation clinic in Spain.

Who Are We? Leaders in Micropigmentation in Spain

At the Instituto Nacional de Micropigmentación , we are pioneers in scalp, SMP, lip, eyebrow, eyeliner, eye, stretch mark, keloid scar, traffic accident, and traumatic scar micropigmentation. We care not only about your aesthetic needs but also about restoring your confidence.

“Here at the Instituto Nacional de Micropigmentación (National Institute of Micropigmentation) in Madrid, Spain, we understand the importance of clear communication. That’s why we want you to know that we speak English fluently. From the moment you walk through our doors, we guarantee clear and precise communication. You won’t feel lost in translation; you’ll feel right at home, ready to embark on your transformation journey with complete confidence.”

Micropigmentation Services for Everyone

Our services are designed for those looking to enhance their appearance, address aesthetic concerns, or regain confidence following medical interventions or accidents.

Why Choose Us in Spain?

– Wide Range of Micropigmentation Services: From eyebrow design to mammary areola reconstruction.

– Certified Experts and Advanced Techniques: Highly trained staff continually updating their skills.

– Tailored for Natural Results: Custom treatments designed for you.

– State-of-the-Art Technology and High-Quality Materials: Ensuring your safety and the best outcomes.

– Fully Customized for Natural Results: Treatments tailored specifically for you.

Our Micropigmentation Services in Madrid

Eye and Eyeliner Micropigmentation:

Define your eyes with precise lines and vibrant colors. Classic Eyeliner, Smoky Eyeliner, Upper Eyelid Line, and Eyelash Enhancer for both men and women. Often mistaken for tattooing due to the differences in pigments, needles, machines, and techniques used.

Eyebrow Micropigmentation and Microblading in Madrid:

Enhance and reconstruct your eyebrows for a more natural look. Options include Makeup Effect, Powder Brows, Pixel Effect, Ombré Effect, Hybrid Brows, Hair Strokes, 3D Effect, and Watercolor Effect, sometimes incorrectly referred to as eyebrow tattooing.

Lip Micropigmentation in Madrid:

Add color and definition for fuller lips. Natural Enhancement, Full Lips, 3D Lips, male lip enhancements, Lip Contour, and Ombre technique available. Misunderstandings occur with terms like lip tattooing.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Men and Women in Madrid:

Options include shaved effect, hair density enhancement, post-transplant micropigmentation, often referred to as scalp tattooing, tricopigmentation, or simply as shaving or tattooing the scalp.

Mammary Areola Reconstruction Micropigmentation in Madrid:

Restore the natural appearance after mastectomy or mastopexy and periareolar scars. Options include Areola Reconstruction, Areola Micropigmentation, Nipple Tattooing, Areola Restoration Tattooing, Areola Repigmentation, and Breast Reconstruction.

Micropigmentation for Stretch Marks and Scars in Madrid:

Brazilian Camouflage, Scar Micropigmentation, Restorative Micropigmentation, Scar Camouflage, Corrective Tattooing, Scar Coverage, and Medical Micropigmentation for a variety of scars including abdominoplasty scars, mastopexy scars, thyroidectomy scars, facelift scars, stretch mark scars, keloid scars, post-surgical scars, blepharoplasty scars, buttock lift scars, and self-harm scars.

Dermatological Micropigmentation

Vitiligo Tattooing, Micropigmentation for Hyperpigmentation, Hypopigmentation, Corrective Tattooing, Medical Micropigmentation, Semi-Permanent Makeup, Paramedical Micropigmentation, Corrective Makeup, Aesthetic Pigmentation, Therapeutic Tattooing, Stretch Mark Camouflage, Hair Tattooing, Restorative Micropigmentation, Oncological Micropigmentation, Dermatological Tattooing, Color Correction.

Our goal is to offer exceptional dermatocosmetic micropigmentation services, recommended by specialists in hair health, dermatology, and aesthetics. Our clinic is recognized as the reference center in Spain and the number one luxury clinic, endorsed by satisfied clients and featured in major media outlets.

Our Micropigmentation Services in Spain

– Eye and Eyeliner Micropigmentation: Define your eyes with sharp lines and vibrant colors.

– Eyebrow Micropigmentation and Microblading: Enhance and reconstruct your eyebrows for a natural look.

– Lip Micropigmentation: Bring color and definition to your lips.

– Scalp Micropigmentation for Men and Women: Solutions for hair loss, offering a shaved effect or density enhancement.

Areola Reconstruction Post-Mastectomy: Restoring natural appearance with precise pigment application.

– Camouflage for Stretch Marks and Scars: Advanced techniques to match your skin tone.

Combine Your Visit with Spain's Top Attractions

While visiting us in Spain, enhance your trip by experiencing the rich culture and major tourist attractions. Explore Spain’s vibrant regions, from the sunny beaches of Marbella to the historic streets of Barcelona and Madrid. Don’t miss the chance to see iconic sites like the Sagrada Familia and the stadiums of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Speak English? No Problem!

Our staff are proficient in English, ensuring that your consultations and treatments are conducted smoothly. We welcome international visitors and are experienced in catering to a global clientele.

Navigating a medical procedure in a foreign country can be daunting, but not at our clinic in Madrid. Our director, Cristina Barriga, has lived many years abroad and traveled extensively, facing health challenges in various countries. She deeply understands the complexities involved and is committed to making your experience as straightforward and reassuring as possible. We speak excellent English, ensuring that all your questions are answered and every part of your procedure is explained thoroughly. With us, you’ll never feel lost or out of the loop. We’re here to make your micropigmentation experience seamless and comfortable, ready to assist you in every way possible.

Combine Your Visit with Spain's Top Attractions

While visiting us at the National Institute of Micropigmentation in Spain, enhance your experience by immersing yourself in the rich culture and diverse attractions Spain has to offer. From north to south, east to west, Spain’s vibrant regions boast a plethora of activities and sights that cater to every interest.

Explore Northern Spain

– Galicia: Discover the mystical Santiago de Compostela, a city famous for its pilgrimage routes and stunning cathedral.

– Asturias: Experience the rugged coastlines and the majestic Picos de Europa National Park.

– Cantabria: Visit the prehistoric Cave of Altamira, known for its Paleolithic paintings.

– Basque Country: Enjoy the modern architecture of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and indulge in renowned Basque cuisine.

Journey Through Central Spain

– Castile and León: Explore the historic cities of Salamanca and Segovia, with their renowned universities and Roman aqueducts.

– Madrid: As the capital, Madrid offers the Royal Palace, the Prado Museum, and lively plazas such as Plaza Mayor.

– Castile-La Mancha: Discover the land of Don Quixote, featuring windmills and the historic city of Toledo.

Experience Eastern Spain

– Catalonia: Visit Barcelona to see the Sagrada Familia and enjoy the vibrant street life of Las Ramblas.

Valencian Community: Relax on the beaches of the Costa Blanca and experience the traditional Fallas festival in Valencia.

– Aragon: Delve into the history of Zaragoza with its impressive Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar.

Southern Spain Attractions

– Andalusia: Explore the Alhambra in Granada, the Mezquita in Córdoba, and the vibrant atmosphere of Seville.

– Murcia: Enjoy the serene beaches of the Costa Cálida and the historic naval city of Cartagena.

– Extremadura: Traverse the medieval towns of Cáceres and Mérida, rich with Roman history.

Discover the Islands

– Balearic Islands: Experience the nightlife of Ibiza, the serene beaches of Mallorca, and the rugged landscapes of Menorca.

– Canary Islands: Visit Tenerife’s Teide National Park, the stunning beaches of Gran Canaria, and the unique landscapes of Lanzarote.

Tour Spain’s Lesser-Known Regions

– La Rioja: Taste world-renowned wines and stroll through the vineyards that sculpt the landscape.

– Navarre: Embrace the historical charm of Pamplona, famous for the Running of the Bulls.

– Ceuta and Melilla: Discover these unique enclaves on the north coast of Africa, with a mix of Spanish and Moroccan cultures.


Worried about language barriers during your visit? At the National Institute of Micropigmentation in Madrid, we’ve got you covered. Our team is proficient in English, ensuring that every detail of your treatment is discussed and understood perfectly. You can relax knowing that communicating in English here feels as natural as if you were back home.”

While in Spain, not only can you rejuvenate your aesthetic appearance with our state-of-the-art micropigmentation treatments, but you can also enrich your senses with the artistic, historical, and natural beauty scattered throughout our diverse landscapes. Whether it’s enjoying a flamenco show in Andalusia, hiking in the Pyrenees, or touring the ancient streets of Madrid and Barcelona, Spain offers a rich tapestry of experiences, making it the perfect complement to your visit to our clinic.

Ready to Enhance Your Natural Beauty?

Don’t wait any longer to transform your appearance and boost your confidence. Connect with us today to schedule your consultation and discover why we are the leading choice for micropigmentation in Madrid. Our expert team, led by the internationally experienced Cristina Barriga, is ready to provide you with a personalized and understanding service.

Call us at 682 17 26 21 or click here to send a message directly through WhatsApp.

Start your transformation journey with us – where care meets excellence.

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